Wood Laminate

Wood and Laminate Floors

We have a wide range of both wood and laminate floors from reputable manufacturers.  You will see we have a wide selection of species and colours from white washed to black fumed oaks.  These days, laminate wood floors can be mistaken for the real thing. We are one of the very few Pergo laminate dealers in the South of England.  Our team will give you good advise as to which flooring is right for you.  If you can’t find the right colour wood, we can also provide a tailor made service.

Do bare in mind wood or laminate floors are not recommended for wet areas such as bathrooms or utility rooms.

Our wood floors are also suitable for under floor heating.  Wood flooring is subject to expansion and contraction, dependant on the moisture level in your home. This natural movement is magnified with underfloor heating systems. The temperature setting should not exceed 25 degrees. The heating must be turned off at least 48 hours prior to fitting. After laying your wood flooring the heating should be increased at a gradual rate to avoid excess shrinkage and cracking of the sub floor.